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Grassroots is dedicated to the publication of short written or creative pieces about trans-local environmental realities. We welcome individual or collaborative work between activists and political ecologists or related social scientists at any stage of their careers.

Our thematic areas include:
Local resource governance
Environmental justice and processes of social mobilization
Explicit and implicit processes of environmental awareness-building
Effects of globalization and development projects in environmental politics
Ontological equivocations and their influence in socio-environmental movements
Multi-scalar strategic alliances between grassroots movements


This work can take the form of activist pieces, academic reflections, engaged scholarship or creative work addressing political ecology debates that are based on particular cases or rooted in direct experience. We invite pieces in a variety of formats, including written articles and visual essays based on pictures, videos, interviews or other creative expressions.

  • Academic articles should not be longer than 5000 words including a 100-word abstract but excluding references. We encourage the publication of articles that are co-written by academics and social-environmental activists but other options are also welcomed. All pieces should be appropriately referenced following the APA format 2021 and will be included in a volume of the Journal of Political Ecology. Entries can be written in English, Spanish or French and should be submitted directly to the platform of the Journal of Political Ecology.

  • Activist contributions can vary in content. For example, they can call attention to a current local process of social-environmental struggle, they can also analyse the trajectory of a particular social movement, or showcase an interview with a social leader in written, audio or video formats. Written pieces should not be longer than 2000 words while the length of audiovisual material should be discussed with the editors of Grassroots. Activist pieces should be sent to and will only be published in the Grassroot's website.

  • Visual essays should include a collection of (no fewer than 4 and up to 7) images that are coherently connected through a textual description. Visual essays can for example reflect the history or work of a social movement in relation to their environments or more than human allies. Visual essays should be sent to and will only be published in the Grassroot's website.



If you have any any questions send us an email to or contact our regional editors directly: